Initiation: 2018

Initiation: 2018

By Niree Noel


In January of each new year, we welcome a class of new members, all chic, curious, and creative individuals, into Spring Street Social Society. We host a fab little shindig where members old and new rub elbows over cocktails, get primped and polished by our favorite neighborhood stylists over at Spoke and Weal, and have their pictures taken a la those school portraits we all know and love–except, in true Spring Street style, with more flowers.

The initiators themselves, Amy and Patrick, smizing in front of EastOlivia’s installation

This year, we channeled some serious tabula rasa vibes in our brand new office space. Stylist Kelsea Olivia of EastOlivia brought in magnolia branches, sweet pea, grapevines, spirea, dried hops, and rainbow eucalyptus, weaving her magic on a fairytale installation that hangs in our studio still. Charmers, the trio, played gypsy jazz as the fog machine slowly made the space feel even more ethereal than it already was. As members took the old-timey crank elevator up to the top floor (shout out to Joaquim who gleefully shuttled guests up and down maybe a hundred times), Amy and Patrick stood in the stairwell, ready for communion, a ritual developed over Spring Street’s six-year history, designed to help members remember these very important truths:

  • When you arrive at an event, make a beeline for the bar.

  • Grab a drink, obvs.

  • Find someone you know or someone you don’t know: doesn’t matter. Look them in the eye and say “hello!”

  • Take a sip of your drink, together.

  • Remember: through any door there is a room full of people waiting to say “hello” back.


If you can do this, you can do absolutely anything. Afterall, Spring Street only came to be because Patrick and Amy said “hello” as total strangers at a party once, so many years ago. Who knows what magic you might make if you take that first brave step?