Parlor Party: Holiday Edition

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Parlor Party: Holiday Edition

By Niree Noel


December is, of course, holiday party season. And with good reason, too. It’s nice to close out the year on a celebratory note, with good friends and good cheer. We had a vision for a festive event that was holiday nonspecific, with cheeky nods to classic elements and dashes of contemporary whimsy here and there. Where to host such a specific sort of event, one that would feel akin to having people over in your own living room? Our friends at Domino Magazine were set to open their holiday pop-up shop, furnished by Home Depot, in early December. They graciously invited us to host our Parlor Party before they opened the SoHo store to the rest of the world.


Capitalizing on the space’s fully functional kitchen, complete with marble countertop and wooden shelves stocked with copper cookware, we had Chef Ana Ortiz of Day Into Night serve up hors d'oeuvres while guests mixed and matched ganaches and infused milks at her make-your-own hot chocolate bar. Past rows of candles all aglow, stylist Jess Weaver had set up a wreath-making station, where guests selected, layered, and wired together all sorts of dried stems and buds for take-home mementos of the evening.

Once cocktail hour was over (read: once the Sailor Jerry’s chai rum punch was empty), Patrick and Amy gathered everyone in the back room, where a sparkling tree, plush couches, and large gilded mirrors created an ideal warm and wintry environment for the activities that followed. First, the Veuve was poured and cheersed. Then, cue cards were passed out to clustered pairs and groups, with rewritten lyrics to The Twelve Days of Christmas. Patrick and Amy started off with “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: the guy on the corner selling trees” and everyone followed suite, holding their lyric placards high so the crowd could join in, in song.  


And finally, after more Veuve Champagne cheers, ‘twas time for the White Elephant gift exchange. Guests were encouraged to get creative with objects found at home, adding flourishes and finishes with supplementary materials purchased with gift cards to Home Depot. Gifts were unwrapped, displayed to the crowd, and stolen with glee, one by one, until there was nothing but memories left under the tree.