A May Playlist by Amy Virginia

Bicycle Weather Tunes

Something inside of me shifts when May 1st hits. When I was a child, my mother would take me from house to house on our cul de sac with handfuls of flowers as gifts to celebrate May Day. The kids in the neighborhood dusted off their bikes in preparation for sunny Saturday afternoon adventures of crawdad fishing and fort building. In my adulthood, I hardly have the time for such hijinks, however that feeling of freewheeling spirits and “devil may care” attitude comes back in full force as I, again, pull my bike out of storage to get me around the city in sunny weather.


Take a Listen Here

These poppy songs are here to accompany you as you do whatever it is that brings back that childhood wanderlust in your daily adult life. Even if you’re just in need of something to fill your ears as you walk to work or scream-sing-along with as your car stereo blares, we’ve got you covered. Epic, swelling, and pop to the point of being slutty, these songs will bring a smile to your face and keep you feeling sunny, even on the cloudiest of May Days.