A March Playlist by Amy Virginia

Reach for the Sun

Welcome to the liminal space known as March, that time of year when the weather teases you with brightness and warmth one day, only to turn around and blow you sideways under a storming gray sky the next. When March hits, I think of this line from a Get Up Kids song: "Maybe things are getting better/Maybe things aren't so bad." It helps. It also reminds me that when I was a teenager, I loved emo music. Woman-in-her-thirties me does, too. Play any of these and a filing cabinet of forgotten lyrics opens up and pours out. But that's ok, because right now I'm choosing to love young me for who I was and love present me for who I am.


Take a Listen Here

Some of these songs are perfect and some of them were perfect at the time. Some of them are only good when you blast them at full volume while driving as fast as you can in your friend Katie's pickup truck while screaming at the top of your lungs. Upbeat yet depressing. Hopeful while still managing to be entirely full of despair. Like adolescence, like March. Give these a listen and keep in mind that when things seem hopeless, all you have to do is "follow the day, and reach for the sun."


March 6 - march playlist .png