Kids, a Career, and Killer Style: Entrepreneurial Woman Shows Us How It's Done

Kids, a Career, and Killer Style: Entrepreneurial Woman Shows Us How It's Done

By Niree Noel


If you’ve attended a Spring Street Social Society event, you’ve experienced some of stylist Jessie Weaver’s transportive magic. And if you haven’t, you’ve definitely felt the FOMO. The former textile stylist is one of our earliest collaborators, and one of the first creatives we worked with who parlayed her side hustle into a full-time business. From flowers to props to fixtures, she does it all — and in such imaginative ways, we can’t help but call on her time and time again.

Jessie and Patrick go way back. They met over a decade ago and became fast friends due to a shared affinity for hosting parties and a mutual interest in all things cocktail-related. “Whatever crazy idea or dream Patrick has, he has this way of wrangling people into making them come true,” Jessie says, admitting that most of the fun lies in the challenge of making the impossible possible.

We told you she was stylish.
Jessie, along with other early collaborators, beneath the garland of hand-tied feathers at the first Spring Street Bowery Banquet.

When the two found themselves in New York, it was only a matter of time before Patrick reached out with one such crazy dream: to throw a performance and dinner party mashup in a converted subway entrance in SoHo. That's when Jessie took to her mother's attic and sister's basement, rummaging for goods. She and her former business partner Anna Novak pulled antique furniture and vintage glassware for Bowery Banquet, the first-ever Spring Street dinner in the summer of 2013.    

For this Secret Supper in May of 2016, Jessie curated an interactive floral station for guests and built a canopy of wildflowers and twinkle lights that hung above the dinner table.

“Patrick called and said he needed help putting together a dinner on a limited budget. That banquet at the Old Bowery Station was my first foray into event styling,” Jessie says. “The first year or so, I was doing it just to help out. I made whatever needed to happen, happen — whether that was hot glue gunning a million feathers or lugging my own furniture into and out of the city. It was a fun, creative thing that I ended up really enjoying. Eventually I thought: I could do this for a living.”


After having kids, Jessie wanted to move away from her textile styling job, which frequently took her to upscale showrooms across America. Event styling was the perfect escape plan. As a freelance event and floral designer, Jessie enjoys flexibility in her schedule as well as the ability to experiment with various creative mediums.

For our Summer Soirée at Tavern on the Green, Jessie set the stage for epic wedding-style fun (with none of the get-married pressure).
20170718_SSSS_Summer Soiree-40.jpg

“One of the great things about working with Patrick and Amy is the ability to push for my own decorative agenda,” she says. Since each event is entirely unique and often a surprise, creative partners rarely know what to expect — but that provides all the more freedom for experimentation and improvisation. Take, for example, the Veuve Clicquot Parlor Party at Gary’s Loft, a throwback cocktail hour in a minimalist space with pastel accents. “There was this classic-meets-kitsch vibe, so I dug into ‘50s design patterns and saw a pattern with metallic starbursts that I just fell in love with. I wanted to create three dimensional versions of that atomic design. A ton of spray paint and quite a few wooden dowels later, we had this beautiful atomic starburst ceiling installation.”

Vintage finds from Warwick Antique Barn and rustic platters foraged from Jessie’s backyard in upstate New York.

While Jessie has worked on multiple Spring Street productions in the last few years, the biggest challenge remains working within a tight budget. Luckily, her sharp eye for finding inspiration in everyday objects as well as her passion for thrifting allows her to create even more with less. The Hudson Valley, where she resides with her husband and children, also provides a wealth of inspiration with its natural beauty and veritable goldmine of barn sales and antique stores, including a personal favorite, Retro Modern Antiques in Warwick.  

Jessie's Parlor Party styling featured dowel rod starbursts and a DIY boutonniere station for guests.

“I have been antiquing from a young age. I love collecting fun, old objects that tell a story,” Jessie says. “Texture is also very inspiring. I always think: how can I turn a seemingly mundane thing like a pine branch into an overwhelming installation?”

Despite their difficulty, installations are a defining mark of Jessie’s work. “I love hanging things off the ceiling, like fresh florals, greenery that was basically a carpet, a garland made out of feathers, twigs and branches,” she says. “But what I really, really want to do next is a naturally dip-dyed fabric situation. Just waiting to find the right theme for that one.”


When asked what #FindYourSpring means to her, Jessie speaks to the Dead Letter Office Supper, which took place inside an old post office building on 31st Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. “That was the absolute most fun I’ve ever had setting up an event. The place is enormous, and provided the perfect background for a sort of treasure hunt. We were sneaking around, exploring, seeing what we could do in the dim lighting. I felt like a kid, it was so cool to have free reign in this ancient, gigantic building right in the middle of New York City,” she says. “Now when I drive around, I always point out these special places that are tucked away or easily overlooked. Spaces that I wouldn’t know about without Spring Street.”

Jessie's hand can be seen in every element of the Dead Letter Office decor, from antique flags and typewriters to "vintage" letters that were individually patinated.

Outside of Spring Street, however, #FindYourSpring takes on a different meaning. “Since I have become a mother and my children are at this prime age of memory-making, the most important thing to me is to create fun little traditions, surprises, or outings that will hopefully stay with them. I try to make everything from a meal or movie night to a day trip or backyard picnic really special. That’s something I feel I see Patrick and Amy do at every event.”

Photos by Sam Ortiz, Nick Glimenakis, and Matt Novak


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