Summer’s Farewell: Field Day

Summer’s Farewell: Field Day

By James Monaco

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The summer of 2017 was a summer of many firsts for Spring Street: we hosted a soirée beneath the twinkle lights at Central Park’s iconic Tavern on the Green. We led guests to a Los Angeles factory-turned-art installation, where we collectively embarked on a feast for the appetite and the eyes. Between quick trips to London (for Intel) and San Francisco (for Veuve Clicquot), we surprised guests with everything from a naked juggler to a competitive round of necking fruit.

Here, we recap our season’s finale: Field Day.  


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It's no secret Spring Street has a thing for inspirational technical apparel athleisure experts Outdoor Voices. So when the opportunity for a collaboration came up, we knew immediately what it would be: a good, old fashioned Field Day. Some some singing and dancing, some sweating, and a whole lot of #DoingThings, all beneath a late summer sun? We hadn't done anything like this before, which was exactly why we just had to say yes.


Our members arrived on a perfect balmy afternoon at the southeast corner of Riverside Park on the west side of Manhattan. They descended through a dark tunnel and were released out onto a bright green field along the Hudson River where tables set with Juice Served Here juices, bountiful baskets of harvest apples, and frisbees flying through the air greeted them. Meanwhile, the Spring Street staff milled about, all decked in matching sexy Outdoor Voices workout gear.

OV’s Tucker Stanton and frequent face on the Spring Street scene was our Master of Games for the day. After attendees separated into either blue, green, or yellow teams, randomly designated by colorful headbands tucked into OV caps, Tucker initiated our classic American afternoon of food and competition. But first, a quick synchronized dance-aerobic routine from Patrick, Amy, and the rest of the Spring Street staff psyched everyone up for what was to come.


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Our agenda for the day included:

  • The creation of team cheers, in which everyone sorta tried to play it cool at first but then let their inner Beyonce take over with call-and-responses and an athletic kickline.

  • A PG version of musical chairs Never-Have-I-Ever, in which everyone got familiar with everyone else, fast. Details were divulged, seats were stolen, laughs were had.

  • A fierce race to the single-file-finish of Necking the Orange. Unfamiliar? Envision a bunch of grown adults passing perfectly round oranges between their necks, sans hands. This one really got the excitement level up.

  • A version of Freeze Dance, Tucker-Says in which Tucker played the music, stopped the music, shouted fitness commands then deemed out anyone who stumbled over their squats or broke one of the increasingly difficult poses.

  • That aggressive measure of flexibility at a rapid pace known as Speed Limbo, in which many of our members impressed us with just how bendy they were.

  • An all-team, all-lawn, epic Rock Paper Scissors, in which everyone faced off in a super competitive free-for-all that had all the passersby jealous.

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Glam-rock blared from the portable speakers throughout as our pump-up jams. Cheers rose and fell again in unison. For lunch, we served a variety of fresh Sweetgreen salads and and sat upon picnic blankets and benches, rehydrating with mint-and-cucumber or zesty lemon infused water. While each team racked up an impressive number of points, the Green Team was ultimately victorious, post a somewhat fierce tiebreaker. But everyone ended up a winner at the end, anyway, thanks to generous goody bags from Outdoor Voices stuffed with gift cards, discounts, Health Warrior bars and Ursa Major beauty products. Our ever-present photographer Sam captured team photos a la a classy summer camp, before the afternoon wound into an informal gathering over celebratory drinks overlooking the water and the setting sun. It was a perfect farewell to summer, in true Spring Street Social Society style.