A February Playlist by Amy Virginia

Ou Est Ma Tete, Where Is My Head?

Time seems to both slow down and speed up once the first month of the year has come and gone. When February hits, I find myself looking at the calendar and saying “What have I done with myself?!” (...even if it’s a lot). In this moment, there are two choices: despair OR knuckle down and accomplish things. In order to inspire me to do more in what feels like very little time, I always turn to the dazzling, if frenetic, tones of gypsy jazz.


Take a Listen Here

The genre was born in the 1930s with Django Reinhardt as the musician who led the way. Reinhardt squeezes more notes into a phrase than seems humanly possible. And to think he did that with only two good fingers on his left hand! It’s a good dose of shame when I find myself wallowing in my unproductiveness. Sprinkled throughout this list, you’ll hear the greats of the genre, along with accompanying gems like the sassy partnership of Louis Prima and Sam Butera, the lilting voice of Blossom Dearie, and the playful wink of Django himself as he plays iconic tunes like “Brazil” and “Django’s Tiger”. Plus, in the bitter cold of February, there’s nothing better to put a spring in your wintry step than a snazzy, jazzy little tune.


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