An April Playlist by Amy Virginia

In Springtime’s Joy and Sorrow

What do you do when you’re ready to put a spring in your step, but spring itself is full of snow, rain, cold weather, and cloudy days? You confront the season with a swagger instead. This particular playlist kicks off with songs that will lift you up to get you out of the house, rain or shine, and will guide you throughout the day, allowing you to really feel yourself. Shoulders up, head bobbing, and hips rolling, winter can’t hold on too long when you’re moving and grooving.


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 It would be remiss, however, to completely ignore the moodiness of April, and so halfway through this list, we let ourselves wind down. Keep the bump of the beat but allow for a different energy. A smoother roll that you can lean into. A sadness that you cannot ignore or send away a la “Cranes in the Sky,” but instead just recognize. The joke with April is that it’s supposed to be spring and it’s, well, not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel good. So tune in and turn it up. 


April Playlist.png