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Out & About

Inspiration is to be sought after, not just something that happens, and so we here at Spring Street Social Society go looking in as many places as possible. Here, we'll be sharing where we go, who we run into, what we experience, and more.

Nowadays, it’s not so much about the 9-5, as it is about “living your best life,” which when you think about it, is just a little silly. Who actually has time for YOLO and when does that yield positive work results? There are ways to make it seem that way, though, and that’s just what Patrick Janelle and Amy Virginia Buchanan pull off in this “typical” day at the office. The duo is transitioning their focus from monthly membership events towards creative projects for clients under their new business endeavor, Untitled Secret. So it’s more important than ever to connect with the city, building relationships and unearthing inspiration. While the hard work lies beneath the surface, the optics of their daily business may seem effortless, like an expert slight of the hand. Well, dear reader, follow along to see just how they manage to pull off their particular brand of magic.


A morning Fitting

This quarter, members received a special perk from the made-to-measure clothing brand, Proper Cloth. With a sunny SoHo showroom and a staff of attentive and knowledgeable tailors, it’s easy to see the appeal of a visit to the space, even though it’s just as easy to order a bespoke shirt online. The debonair (and way too fun) lifestyle consultant, Marcel B. Francois, fit both Amy and Patrick for shirts, then the trio sat down to pick the business brain of Proper Cloth’s founder, Seph Skerritt. While the more artistically creative relationships are more often highlighted in the events of SSSS, there is just as much inspiration found from our friends who are creative in their business practices – like Seph, who saw a need and found a unique way to go about making it a possibility.

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A Fusco Feast

With no time to be lost, Amy and Patrick hopped in a cab headed from SoHo to Gramercy and hopped on a conference call following up with their pals from Space in the Raw on a recent event the Untitled Secret team had just produced in partnership with American Express. As you can see it went a little long and so they  lingered in the foyer of the restaurant while their table sat inside, patiently waiting. Fusco is Scott Conant’s new Italian eatery, named for his grandmother. It’s been nearly a decade since Conant (you know, of Scarpetta fame?) opened a solo spot in NYC, so the two were eager to see what the buzz was about. It’s important to always be on the lookout for a new potential collaborator, or just a great lunch spot recommendation above 14th Street. The food was classically Italian, but what could have been simply ordinary, like the pomodoro, became extraordinarily zingy and perfect by using the freshest of ingredients. The setting was bright and breezy in the front of the restaurant, cozy and intimate in the back, featuring large scale gilded paintings by Takefumi Hori that glisten in the light of the sun. The wine and cocktail list were both too tempting to refuse, and let’s be honest, any good business lunch is not complete without a drink.

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A Crazy Site Visit

After the leftovers from lunch were packed away, the two rushed to the subway to catch a train to the Financial District. Bless this modern day in age, where emails can be fired off on a walk to the train. It takes a lot of training, though, to be both working on a phone, walking, and open to the world around you, a skill our founders display masterfully. A 6 train whisked them downtown to their next stop: the penthouse level of the The Woolworth Tower. There is a certain wide-eyed feeling of awe that settles onto a person when standing in the center of a $110 million dollar apartment. Luxury does not always mean craftsmanship, but in this case, it was obvious that this apartment is as much an artistic investment as it is a housing situation. Thoughtful fixtures, well-designed interiors, and obviously expensive materials paired with insane views make any dream seem like a reality. All of the original terracotta work on the front of the building has been completely restored and is visible from the windows, offering a painted frame to the interior and making the resident (or visitor) themselves feel like a work of art. A beautiful grand piano begs to be played and let’s just say that both of the founders were finding themselves quite at home, especially in the walk in closet and enormous master bath. The team from Sotheby’s Real Estate group were extremely gracious in allowing both Patrick and Amy to act out their fantasy lives while also eager to dream up opportunities within the space. Quel fantastique!

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A Catch-Up Coffee

The theme of the day seemed to be “we’re on our way, running a bit late,” but thankfully the next appointment was just a short walk away. The pair made their way over to the Two Hands TriBeCa location, where their friend and social media genius, Lucy Litman was waiting. Her personal Instagram is a masterpiece all on its own, but she is also responsible for growing the reach of socially conscious shoe brand, Allbirds.

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Typically found in San Francisco, Lucy happened to be in New York to solidify Allbirds’ most recent dream collab with none other than Shake Shack. This appointment was disguised as a meeting but could most definitely be considered simply “catching up.” There are certain friends you always keep on your radar because you a) love them and b) never know when the time will be right to make some magic together, and Lucy most definitely falls into both categories. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to sit down for a flat white and Two Hands’ famous banana bread with espresso and mascarpone cream topping.


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Journey Back to the Office

While it may seem like these two founders spend all of their time flitting around the city, let’s be real. They also spend a fair amount of time at their office, staring at a computer, and working together as a team. There are many changes afoot, as they slowly transition focus to larger creative projects, and the quiet, less glamorous moments are even more important than the splashy photographable ones, because that’s when the real work begins.