Secret Supper: Modern Masquerade

Secret Supper

By Niree Noel

In our six years of hosting unexpected and ethereal events, one would think that we’d have thrown a masquerade by now. For our final Secret Supper ever in mid-May, we did just that. We booked one of our favorite secret spaces, the Wolcott Hotel, tapped one of our favorite chefs, Lauren Egdahl of Comparti, partnered with Courvoisier to create a cognac-forward cocktail menu, and called on our girl Kelsea Gaynor of East Olivia to cover the whole place in florals.


A dark, brooding mood board accompanied the invitation, urging guests to arrive in unique masks they’d DIY-ed at home. Guests mingled, en masque, with cocktails in hand. The bar offered the Earl Grey Old Fashioned, a tea-infused take on the classic whiskey drink, and the Ruby with a Twist, a sweet sipper with a spicy kick. (Most guests indulged in both.)


To transition from cocktail hour to dinner, Amy and Peter Longofono performed a tribute to Simon & Garfunkel, leading guests to the communal tables. Once seated at said communal tables, which were resplendent with richly tinted arrangements, guests enjoyed a five course meal that played into the concept of duality. The menu incorporated fresh market finds like blue corn and the newly in-season watermelon while also playing with interesting concepts and presentations, such as a banana leaf-wrapped black bass or a totally decadent and deconstructed berry pavlova.


The effusive evening yielded plenty of positive energy as masks, one by one, dropped to the table. The charade of disguise gave way to a feeling even more powerful, the feeling of true connection that comes with looking one another in the eye, and offering a cheers and a smile. Aka the thing our Spring Street Social Society members do best.