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spring st. social society brings people together
in unexpected spaces. our gatherings take the form of cabaret
variety shows, coursed dinners, movie nights, or
anything else we dream up. these gatherings bolster the creative culture in manhattan, creating experiences that are unique
to new york city.

Photos by EJK

Photos by EJK


Patrick Janelle — Director

A native of Colorado but dedicated New Yorker, Patrick made his way to Manhattan by way of Florida, California, and Germany. He earned his stripes in graphic design freelancing with clients in the automotive, entertainment, and tech industries. While in LA, he moonlighted performing Shakespeare on canyon-side stages and taking on bit parts in Hollywood blockbusters. From street performance in Los Angeles to sampling artisan spirits in the south of France, Patrick's relationship with entertainment, food, drink, and culture has evolved into a lifelong passion—a passion he brings to each of his Spring St. Social Society projects. In the in-between moments, you can find Patrick riding his bicycle across the city or enjoying his daily cortado at a neighborhood coffee shop. He resides in Nolita and Instagrams @aguynamedpatrick.


Amy Virginia Buchanan — Artistic Director

Amy Virginia Buchanan is a Midwesterner who has found herself very happily at home in New York. When crafting an evening of performance, she combines experience in classical theatre, clown, and vaudeville, with a touch of the downtown experimental, creating a style that is unique to the Spring Street Social Society. Above all, she is inspired by earnestness and the revelation of the human condition. She finds that bridging the gap between audience and performance, creating an opportunity to interact, is the only way to further explore and inspire ourselves. She is an musician, writer, and actor, and you’ll find more about that at amyvirginia.com. You can also follow her on Instagram @amyvirginia.

Camille Becerra - Chef

Camille Becerra is a chef and food writer with over 15 years of New York restaurant experience. She was the owner of beloved Brooklyn restaurant Paloma and founded various pop-ups throughout New York City, including The Hunger.  She has also appeared on Bravo's hit series Top Chef,  and is currently developing food-based narratives for publications such as Bon Appetit, online stations, and the column "Beyond the Basics" for Food 52. She lives in Tribeca and instagrams @camillebecerra. Her website is camillebecerra.tv.